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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes [Blu-ray + UV Copy] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Gary Oldman
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But after a week of thinking about it, I just can't.

Dawn is the sequel to Rise (the first should have been Dawn, and this sequel Rise) and Rise was one of my favourite films this decade.
It was an out of nowhere surprise, that revived a franchise I love, and I have revisited it multiple times since.

This sequel had a lot to live up to and although it surpasses the first film in many ways, (effects work, overall scale, musical score)
Dawn has a few flaws I'm finding hard to forgive.

1) The human cast are absolutely awful, every single character is an underwritten cardboard cut-out, and I include Gary Oldman in that.
2) The sub plot about the… Read more
Accessory Agents 2 in 1 CD/DVD Cleaning Kit by Accessory Agents
5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly What I Needed., 26 July 2014
An excellent little bit of kit did exactly what I wanted it to.

I bought a few DVDs (new but with a suspicious amount of scuffs and fingerprints)
I stuck them in them in this little machine, and they came out like brand new - I was very content with this as I'm a bit OCD with my DVDs!

I tried an older DVD that was had deeper scratches on it, and it cleaned the disc up nicely but didn't have any effect on the deeper scratches.

Also includes a disc with tin little brushes in it, to put in your DVD/CD player to clean the laser if playback is affected.

Was also delivered in 24 hours, so very pleased.
Futurama - Season 7 [DVD] [2014] <b>DVD</b> ~ Billy West
5.0 out of 5 stars Good News Everybody!, 26 July 2014
The best is back - Season 7 of Futurama (well, the first 13 episodes - sneaky!) are on Region 2 UK DVD at last.
This set contains 13 episodes over 2 discs and continues to be my favourite animated comedy. Its so imaginative, witty and gorgeous to look at.

This set comes in a plastic Amaray case with a nice cardboard sleeve and 4 art-cards which are nice little extras. It also states season 8 (really Season 7 part 2) is coming to DVD soon, so maybe Fox have finally got their futuristic finger out and are speeding up these releases for us UK fans.

Contains deleted scenes and commentaries along with some featurettes. Has subtitles in English, Finnish, German and… Read more