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Never Mind The Bollocks ~ Sex Pistols
Never Mind The Bollocks ~ Sex Pistols
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3.0 out of 5 stars Why?, 21 Jan 2014
If this came out "in the day" Wow. Decades later not so much especially at the price. At least the band never lied about doing things for the money.

In fairness I have not heard this awesome new audio version but we are talking punk rock so - What Does It Matter Anyway? I highly doubt the music will be that different.

If you are a new fan this is not a question for you or even the review for you as you have no reference point, this might be the best choice for a new listener. The Sex Pistols were the biggest name in Punk Rock in its UK height period. This album was the first and last of the original band. The rest including The Great Rock & Roll Swindle are all post… Read more