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Hiroshima Joe by Martin Booth
Hiroshima Joe by Martin Booth
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I first read this book some 17 years ago whilst finding myself delayed at the airport in Gran Canaria. Being the only book available in English from the tiny bookstand I had little choice if I wasn't to spend the next 12 hours staring at red, plastic airport chairs, trying to move them with the power of my mind, or worse, making smalltalk with the increasingly annoyed family sitting nearby.

What a happy moment it became, or actually not as it happens, for this book has stayed with me ever since. The sad, lonely, sordid, tale of a man subjected to things no one should have to go through it is a story everyone should read. War and it's consequences are taken to the human limit,… Read more
Three Men Seeking Monsters: Six Weeks in Pursuit o&hellip by Nick Redfern
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Having read all of Nick Redfern's other books was my only guide to buying this. He comes across as a thoughtful and studious researcher not prone to flights of fancy or 'way out' conclusions if the evidence does not point that way.

What, therefore, is he doing writing this piffle? He gives us a huge clue at the start of the book telling us that he has six weeks to kill before he jets off to the States to live so let's take him at face value here and say, "Yes, you did have a lot of time on your hands didn't you."

Trying to be a comedy novel, this thing is, without being harsh, all a bit pointless. I'm pretty sure a lot of it has been embellished to the heavens by the… Read more
Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth a&hellip by Nicholas Redfern
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Nick Redfern describes, through his meetings with witnesses and others involved with the Roswell mystery, a quite plausable answer after all these years.

The story has been out there in a more simplistic form already, apparently, but it's new to me and, although shocking, is believable and answers many of the questions still hanging around the subject. We discover that men from Mars are not needed and still we get all bases covered if everything in here is true. Fascinating, if just for the new approach to a subject that has seen many books written about it yet often those books leave just as many questions unanswered as they claim to answer.

Is it the final word on… Read more