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Terror on the Britannic (Juggernaut) [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Omar Sharif
2.0 out of 5 stars Great thriller, poor DVD, 8 April 2014
Other reviews have covered the film (a fine British thriller which gets 4-5 stars from me) so I'll concentrate on the DVD. Not that there's much to write about. In a typical early MGM effort (see "Kes" for another undeserving casualty) Juggernaut gets a bare-bones release - you get the film, scene selection (if you can call that a "feature") and that's it. The transfer is clean, in its correct 1.66:1 ratio, but non-anamorphic - unacceptable in the age of HD and widescreen displays. Zooming in on a 16:9 screen slices of the top and bottom of the picture, making framing noticeably cramped, so unless you can do a 14:9 zoom you'll be stuck watching it windowboxed, or stretched out if you like… Read more
Ordinary People [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Donald Sutherland
Ordinary People [DVD] DVD ~ Donald Sutherland
3.0 out of 5 stars Ordinary film, 8 April 2014
Ordinary People is perhaps best-known not for winning the Best Picture Oscar in 1980, but for one particular runner-up. In one of its most notorious decisions, the Academy passed over Raging Bull, arguably the better film on almost every level. I won't go into the evidence here - this is a review of OP after all - other than to point out that RB is now regarded as a modern classic, whereas OP has mostly sunk without trace.

Don't get me wrong - OP is a decent enough film, with solid performances and assured direction from first-time helmer Robert Redford. Mary Tyler Moore is the standout, creating in matriach Beth one of the most dislikeable female characters on the big screen… Read more
Blue Moves ~ Elton John
Blue Moves ~ Elton John
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This sprawling double album released in 1976 represented something of a watershed for Elton John, having announced his intention to quit touring (he did, but not for long) and firing several members of his band. It was also the last album for several years to involve lyricist partner Bernie Taupin and producer/engineer Gus Dudgeon.

Elton apparently regards BM as his favourite work. Musically, it's difficult to pin down due to its sheer diversity. The usual EJ rock/pop numbers and ballads rub shoulders with prog-rock, twiddly instrumental pieces, jazz and blues. The track order is strange too, appearing to have been thrown together at random - perhaps EJ should have taken a leaf… Read more

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