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"Renegade physicist"
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
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5 careers over 50 years: theoretical physicist, systems analyst, technical support specialist, management consultant, researcher.

Researching foundations of physics; concentrating on Electromagnetism (especially the electron); quantum mechanics, natural philosophy, history, movies, thrillers.
Enjoy reading about "The Masters", such as Newton, Maxwell, Dirac, Feynman. Extending… Read more


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Flesh in the Age of Reason by Roy Porter
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This is the type of history that expands your knowledge base.
Porter describes the difficulties that the early scientists had to overcome to begin understanding the human body.
For too long, religious restrictions tried to keep our material body a mystery but these pioneers slowly uncovered
the secrets of us all. Porter plots the rise of the intellect as an upper-class substitute for the universal soul.
This provides a wonderful view of social attitudes evolving in Eighteenth Century European civilization.