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Lost in the Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Adve&hellip by Yossi Ghinsberg
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I suggest not reading too many reviews, and definitely not Googling the book as it can give parts of the story away. I did both after completing it and am very pleased I did not do so before buying it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book [Edit: so much so that I am re-reading it, and once you know the whole story you pick new things up the second time around]. It is true that it takes a long time to get to the incident that leads to being `lost in the jungle' (I am deliberately being vague on that as I am trying not to give anything away) but, to my surprise, I am pleased that it took that long. The build-up is relevant to the rest of the book - you need to get to know the… Read more
Hawaiian Tropic SPF30 Silk Hydration Lotion by Hawaiian Tropic
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Does the job just fine, with that gorgeous smell that makes you feel as if you are on holiday even when you are not.

This item was cheaper on Amazon in the Spring when we bought it for a foreign holiday than it is now during the UK summer (as I write, the weather is superb and has been for a few weeks - I do not know if that has caused prices to increase). Just after we bought this item, Boots did a BOGOF offer - so, while I recommend this product, I suggest that you check your local shops and supermarket before buying.
ZOKU Quick Pop Maker by Zoku
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I always kept ours upright. In time it leaked coolant - white crystals started blistering out of the seal at the top of one side, where the white side meets the orange in the photo.

This is an odd place for it to leak - you do not expect a leak at the top. And it did not leak a liquid but a white solid.

Amazon kindly gave me a refund.

I am not saying that this is a bad product. I am not saying do not buy it. I am just saying please check it before your one-year warranty expires in case you have the same problem as us. There is always the risk that you will use it for one season, put it away, come to use it in the following summer to discover it leaking… Read more