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The Consolidation of the Capitalist State, 1800-50&hellip by John Saville
This is s short and readable account of how the rising capitalist manufacturing class was brought into the British state's political structures while, at the same time, the working class was disciplined by laws, acts, a new police force and how a capitalist state was only truly consolidated in Britain once the working class, democratic Chartist movement had been defeated.
Genes, Cells and Brains: The Promethean Promises o&hellip by Hilary Rose
The Roses have produced a timely book which looks at the promises made by genetic science and the mapping of the human genome and how they stand up to scrutiny.

This is done via a historical survey about past claims as to how biology can explain humanity's problems or provide solutions to them - here eugenics raises its ugly head. The authors also examine the philosophical, political and economic assumptionsmade those who announce great claims for the new biology. The attempts to make out that humanity can be reduced to biology and the role of business in determining what research takes place and what does not.

An excellent warning not to take the commercially… Read more
The Prophet Outcast: Trotsky 1929-1940 by Isaac Deutscher
5.0 out of 5 stars The Prophet Outcast, 23 July 2014
`The Prophet Outcast' is the third and final volume of Isaac Deutscher's seminal biography of Leon Trotsky.

Deutscher manages to weave the personal with the political, the tragedy with theoretical insight. The `Prophet' trilogy remains, even 50 years after its completion, one of the great books, let alone history books, of all time, superior to recent biographies of Trotsky and a great Marxist history of the Russian Revolution in its own right. The quality of prose throughout is of the highest order.

We follow Trotsky into exile, first to Prinkipo in the Sea of Marmara, then Norway, France and, finally, Mexico. Every step of the way hounded by the spies and assassins… Read more

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