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Singing in the local choir, beekeeping, hillwalking, creative writing, listening to stuff from the 1960's & 70's as well as all the big romatic symphonies. Am I showing my age?


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This story is set on Crete, a place the author clearly knows very well and for which he has a great affection. It is a thriller, set predominantly in the present day, but with echoes of the island's dark history during WWII. The heroine is a Scottish ex-pat, who runs a cafe and gets entangled with a Zorba-like character whose family are engaged with another (villainous) family in a vendetta whose origins go back to the war. Then there is the impossibly beautiful English woman and her new husband whose arrival seems to stir up these old animosities and precipitate a violent climax to the story. I thought that the writing was good and enjoyable. I've never been to Crete, or any other… Read more
Under The Skin by Michel Faber
Under The Skin by Michel Faber
This book is so hard to categorise. Is it sci-fi, erotica, horror, or just a long tract for the vegetarian society. Whatever it is, I did enjoy reading it. The main character, Isserley, has the strange job of collecting male hitch-hikers, but for what purpose? At first we suspect that seduction might be the motive, especially as she only picks up the best looking specimens whom she then dazzles with her too-perfect to-be-true-breasts, but the reality turns out to be much more sinister than this. From early on in the book we know that Isserley is no ordinary woman. The book does follow a plot of sorts, but about half of it is given over to the fate of various hitch-hikers that she… Read more
The White Lioness: Kurt Wallander by Henning Mankell
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I'm reading all of these books in the wrong order, but that doesn't matter. Each Wallander novel stands on its own, and if you want to read this one without having read any of the others, that's OK. They are all good, but this is one of the better ones. A lot of words are devoted to Wallander, his personality and his relationships with friends, family and colleagues. We feel that we get to know him intimately, which means that the terrible experiences he goes through have all the more impact. This novel concerns a series of gruesome murders in Sweden and their links with an attempt on the life of Nelson Mandela, which is of course thwarted with Wallander's help. As usual, I felt that… Read more

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