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Became a Christian at 18. At 40 I wrote a commentary on Revelation, which is on the web (see above). I have a large library of commentaries on Revelation and therefore I tend to do reviews of these. I have two websites. I am a process control engineer in the Cement industry. I travel overseas (26 countries) and my main residence is London. My degree is in Physics. As a postgrad I did three years … Read more

Science and religion. Sexual ethics including gay theology, the pro-gay arguments are appalling. The creation-evolution debate (I am old earth and ID) and the book of Revelation (I take it as symbolic not literal). On the first three chapters of Gene… Read more


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5 Star Display Book Soft Cover Lightweight Polypro&hellip by 5 Star
I like to print out my favourite photos on A4 glossy/matte paper. So this album makes an excellent display/storage medium. It will take up to 80 prints. NB all my old photo albums do not take A4 pictures.
The Comprehensible Cosmos: Where Do the Laws of Ph&hellip by Victor J. Stenger
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The fact that the cosmos is understood (mathematically) is not a new concept, Einstein said that many years ago. I got my degree in physics back in 1976, so I enjoyed this book. It is basically a summary of modern and old physics. What, I did not like is the subtitle to this book "Where Do the Laws of Physics Come From?" Which he totally failed to answer.

Any third year physics undergrad, will enjoy this book, the maths at the end of the book (p190-320) is accessible, to physics undergrads.
The Revelation to John: A Commentary on the Greek &hellip by Stephen S. Smalley
4.0 out of 5 stars Famine to Feast, 15 April 2012
Over ten years ago the best commentary on Revelation I could find was Mounce (1st ed), then we had his second edition in 1997, followed by the huge works by Beale and Aune, since then we have had other useful works by Kistemaker, Brighton, Witherington and of course Osborne.

Now, Smalley treats us to another scholarly masterpiece. He has already written a commentary on John's epistles (WBC) as well as the book "John: Evangelist & Interpreter". He follows Beale in being a modified idealist following Hendriksen, Caird, Sweet and Wilcock. He regards the author as being John the apostle and assumes an early date, but this is not noticable in his comments. His introduction is short,… Read more

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