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Konk ~ The Kooks
Konk ~ The Kooks
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Well, well, well! How nice it is to see that these have finally been exposed for the third rate Indie band that they really are! Lets face it they've made enough money for their record company. So why does `konk' need to be pushed? Hence why it's flopped! The kooks have been left out to hang, I feel sorry for the lads, and they probably believed their own hype. I hated their first effort, but I gave this a listen!
Lyrical content is just so band, its like listening to lyrics of a 13 year old, Mr Maker is not fit to be a Menswear b-side. There's no intelligence in the song structures. It plods along, plods along, and plods along. Stormy weather? Down to the market??? Give us a break Mr… Read more
Night Time Angel Candy ~ Metro Riots
Night Time Angel Candy ~ Metro Riots
Having heard early demos from this band via myspace I was quite excited, full on garage blues, and no nonsense Rock'n roll. Hearing good things about these boys live, I just brought the album!
However somewhere between the demo /final cut stage the metro riots lost their way. Its very disappointing and is clearly a result of a band rushed by their record company to put out an album to cash in the this Indie scene that's currently about.
The metro riots are clearly unsure of what they are trying to do, the blues/garage element is kind of there, however at some point its just sounds like a complete racket from a light heavy metal band or even worse and poor mans Jet! The guy's… Read more
Strange House ~ The Horrors
Strange House ~ The Horrors
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I always think that people are over generous with the star rating they give albums on this site! The Horrors album 'strange house' is by no means a classic! What it is however is 12 tracks of 60's garage psych, with a bit of Cramps and Birthday party thrown in for good measure. By no means oringal in its sound, what the horrors do offer however is a break from the everyday Indie band that's around now. It shows allot of b*llocks for a groups of young lads, which in its self deserves respect!
As far as the stand out tracks on the album go, they are 'Count in Fives' an obvious tribute to the 60's band Count Five. 'Gloves' possibly one of the best tracks of the year, a guitar riff that… Read more

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