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2.0 out of 5 stars Good licks, but flawed presentation, 29 July 2007
This DVD is, fairly obviously, a transfer of a video. Nothing wrong in that, and the transfer's been done well enough, but the "linear" nature of a video is evident all the way through. Gurman introduces each lick, plays it, explains it in tedious detail and you're done (sometimes he'll play it a second time). There's no beat or metronome click to let you get the phrasing of each lick, and each is over so fast that you need to replay it a few times to get to know it... but there's no easy way to do that. When he explains a lick, it's extremely slowly, and (again because there's no click), it's hard to relate what he's explaining to the way he first played it. Finally, he switches keys… Read more
Hypnosis for Beginners: Reach New Levels of Awaren&hellip by William Hewitt
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Oh dear.
The first thing to say is that there is useful material in this book. Really. However, it's surrounded by an awful lot of tedious nonsense which at times makes it hard to know what to take seriously and what to ignore.
The author is one of those who freely mixes hypnotism in with "psychic abilities" and "past-life regression". In amongst the somewhat patronizing instructions on how to run your own hypnotism business (for that's what this is; a how-to book) you'll find believable case histories mixed with the downright charlatanesque (apparently it's possible to heal wounds with self-hypnotism).
There's almost nothing for the rational or scientifically-minded… Read more
Homeworld 2 (PC) by Sierra
Homeworld 2 (PC) by Sierra
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As someone who fell in love with the visuals of the original Homeworld and then discovered the fascination of the game behind it, then bought Cataclysm as soon as it hit the shelves... I had high expectations for Homeworld 2. And I wasn't disappointed.
First off, several of the niggling little interface issues that had bugged me during HW1 have been nicely solved. The on-screen display is well thought out, with lots of the information you need right there as you need it. Commanding squadrons rather than individuals is an excellent new idea.
Secondly, as someone who doesn't play online (I have had my fill of testosterone-poisoned adolescents with kewl illiterate spelling skillz)… Read more

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