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Location: Where dawn and dusk takes place
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For the future of electronic music, it seems quite obvious to me that its unique resources guarantee its use, because it has shifted the boundaries of music away from the limitations of the acoustical instrument, of the performer's coordinating capabilities, to the almost infinite limitations of the electronic instrument. The new limitations are the human ones of perception.

Body conditioning, resistance training, self defence applications, mixed martial arts, electronic music, stealth infiltration and mech video games. Not forgetting finely directed action and sci-fi movies..


Top Reviewer Ranking: 9,878 - Total Helpful Votes: 66 of 72
Sites and sounds <a href="">Synthetic Journey</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
Sites and sounds Synthetic Journey MP3 Download
Deep, futuristic, clean and atmospheric drum & bass, with the second track more down tempo, subtle and experimental. A great addition on the Monochrome Recordings label which is disappointingly unheard of to most fans of the deep, atmospheric genre. Worth a download if you're in that deep and chilled mood but still like your intricate beat patterns aswell.
Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) by Activision
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4.0 out of 5 stars It's Not "That" Bad?, 24 Aug 2014
Playing the campaign has shown a visually impressive single player game. It's not totally tasteful or totally realistic but there's enough to maintain belief and there's plenty of moments of satisfying shoot outs.

Mp is enjoyable, but you have to have your wits and peripheral vision on edge to stand a chance to keep up. Which is subjective to the individual for suitability and longevity.

Yes it's more of the same, but it still does what it does with arcade like fluidity and adrenalin fuelled action. It won't be Cod4 again, but it's as near as you're going to get it unfortunately.
Shaun the Sheep - We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas [D&hellip
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Shaun the Sheep is a funny 'ol series. On 'We Wish Ewe A Merry Christmas' you get 8 episodes of countryside charm and hilarity.

Just like the 'Royale Family' when it first appeared on our teles, it takes time to grow on you. Given a chance this series of episodes is a good start to immerse yourself in the world of Shaun and other farm animal based characters.

The crazy thing is, no dialogue. Even Farmer just mumbles in a garbled, somerset based, accent. Of course farm animals don't speak but just make farm animal noises, but their actions are very human and this is where the comical action comes in visually. The 'Pig Swill Fly' episode is mischievous sheep vs pigs… Read more

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