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Hello there, I am currently studying Interactive Multimedia and am loving it. For anybody who is unsure about what it is they want to do in life I highly recommend taking some time out to "find yourself" (Cheesy I know) and it will come to you. Hell, if I didn't take some time out and decide that this is what I wanted to do I would be a trainee hotel manager right now doomed to have no social life… Read more

Film & TV. It is only when you actually get to make your own film or get involved with the making of a film, that you can fully appreciate the extent of the work that goes into it. It is just an amazing experience. When you actually get to make a fil… Read more


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Superbad (2 Disc Extended Edition) [2007] [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jonah Hill
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I've just been in a debate about this movie as to whether or not it is funny. I found it hilarious, from beginning to end. My friend who did not find it funny laughs at things that I do not find the least bit entertaining. So reviewing a comedy is really a difficult task as everybody has a different sense of humor. I rate this film at Five Stars, I have watched it at least ten times and still find it hilarious so I can safely say that it will go down in my books as one of the greatest comedies of all time. Put it this way, if you like any of the Apatow Productions movies (Anchorman, Pineapple Express, Knocked Up etc) you will undoubtedly love this.
Lionheart :Tussle With The Beast ~ Klashnekoff
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I am a fan of all Hip Hop whether it be Brit, American, French you name it, accents and languages just dont bother me, I know good Hip Hop when I hear it and this here is top quality Hip Hop. I own a lot, and I mean a lot of Brittish Hip Hop albums and Lionheart Tussle With The Beast is a definete Top contender for Best Brittish Hip Hop album ever made. The production is flawless, some hardcore neck snappin' beats, some laid back and some in between. Then theres the lyrics, Klash is a lyrical genius spitting some of the most precise yet thought provoking lyrics Ive ever heard. Everything goes together perfectly on this album. So if you are a fan of genuine Hip Hop, not the pop/commercial… Read more
Hell Hath No Fury ~ Clipse
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5.0 out of 5 stars An absolute classic, 20 Nov 2006
This album is not only better than their first LP, but the best album that the neptunes have ever produced. The production is kept gritty and raw throughout and the lyrics are top notch, better than most of the stuff that has been released this year, or the last few years for that matter. The Clipse' raw lyricism and The Neptunes' gritty production put this album up there with the greats, it reminds me of some of the classic albums released around 1994/1995 - Illmatic, Ready 2 Die and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx are a few albums that come to mind.

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When Disaster Strikes... ~ Busta Rhymes
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