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Lazaretto ~ Jack White
Lazaretto ~ Jack White
3.0 out of 5 stars Why Jack, Why!, 25 Aug 2014
I love Jack White, no!..........I don't think you understand......I really love Jack White.
So it's breaking my heart having to rate this as 3 stars.
Music wise, it's perfect as usual, but lyric stinks on a lot of the songs.
I thought maybe the album had been rushed out, but I have since found out that he used lyrics
that he had written when he was 19 in some of the songs.......and you can tell!
It's a real shame as well, because the first single Lazaretto is up there with his best stuff.
So Jack, please burn all of you old note books pre White Stripes and nothing more will be said!
I can't wait for his next album.