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Doctor Who - The Web of Fear [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Patrick Troughton
Doctor Who - The Web of Fear [DVD] DVD ~ Patrick Troughton
Once thought lost, this 1968 Doctor Who outing was recently recovered and is now, as if by some miracle from on high, put out on DVD. But has the wait and hype been worth?

A sequel to 'The Abominable Snowmen', this six parter sees the return of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, who have enveloped London in a strange 'web', and now battle the last stand of humans in the London Underground. The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria are soon ensnared, even far out in space, by the web, and arrive in the Underground to investigate. So then, how does it stack up? Actually, quite well. Aside from a rock solid cast and a rather effective and imposing new design of the Yeti, the story… Read more
Planet of the Apes [DVD] [2001] <b>DVD</b> ~ Mark Wahlberg
Planet of the Apes [DVD] [2001] DVD ~ Mark Wahlberg
Adhering closer to the original novel over the 60s classic, Tim Burton delivers this 2001 take on the story of a stranded astronaut on a planet where apes have taken control and dominate humankind. However, instead of a slow burn sci-fi drama, we get more of a sweeping sci-fi epic with large battles, vast landscapes and plenty of pyrotechnics.

While it may lack the high concepts of the original, Burton's re-imagining still offers a decent thrill ride, thanks to a strong supporting cast, including a scene stealing team of Roth and Clarke-Duncan as the Ape Military leaders, as well as some great set designs and makeup effects that create a genuine society and race of apes, and all… Read more
The Leopard [1963] [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Burt Lancaster
The Leopard [1963] [DVD] DVD ~ Burt Lancaster
Set amidst the ever changing Italy of the mid 19th century as it undergoes unification, we see these social and cultural shifts from the perspective of the Prince of Salona (Lancaster) and his family, and how they attempt to stick firm to their views, in spite of everything changing around them,

Combining the pomp of period epics with some insight, dissection and even satire on Italian socio-political history, Viscontti's 'The Leopard' is an excellent work. This is down to several key elements: First, the lush production values recreate Italy of the 19th century beautifully, be it out on the sun-drenched mountains and plains, or the smokey battles and besieged towns. Next up, we… Read more