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Doctor Who - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy [DVD]&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Sylvester McCoy
Closing off the show's 25th anniversary season, this Stephen Wyatt scripted entry sees the Seventh Doctor and Ace investigate the odd-goings on at The Psychic Circus, a once great show now stuck on a dead end planet, where frankly, if you don't please 'them', you won't just get a boo-ing: you'll get obliterated.

Though the show may have been in its dying days; I think the team rose to the challenge. On top of our really solid double act in the cunningly-deceptive 7th and the spunky Ace, the story's setting allows for a lot of colorfully sinister imagery, be it the sinister yet eternally smiling head clown (who also sports a suit and hat, not unlike Nicholson Joker in Batman '89),… Read more
Doctor Who: The Dæmons [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jon Pertwee
Doctor Who: The Dæmons [DVD] DVD ~ Jon Pertwee
4.0 out of 5 stars Azal, I command you!, 25 July 2014
The closer of Jon Pertwee's second season, this five parter by show runner Barry Letts sees Doctor #3 and U.N.I.T investigate strange goings on at at the little village of Devil's End, brought on by a local archaeological dig. Once again, The Master is up to no good, disguised as the village Reverend, intending to awaken a power from the depths of humanity's past. This story has suffered a sort of odd reputation among fans; once hailed as all time classic, its release on home media has since lead to a downgrade in reception. So, where do I stand?

Actually, I think this is a fine serial. Aside from yet another terrific cast, the U.N.I.T family as strong as it ever was while… Read more
Doctor Who - The Web of Fear [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Patrick Troughton
Doctor Who - The Web of Fear [DVD] DVD ~ Patrick Troughton
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Once thought lost, this 1968 Doctor Who outing was recently recovered and is now, as if by some miracle from on high, put out on DVD. But has the wait and hype been worth?

A sequel to 'The Abominable Snowmen', this six parter sees the return of the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, who have enveloped London in a strange 'web', and now battle the last stand of humans in the London Underground. The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria are soon ensnared, even far out in space, by the web, and arrive in the Underground to investigate. So then, how does it stack up? Actually, quite well. Aside from a rock solid cast and a rather effective and imposing new design of the Yeti, the story… Read more