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A Touch of Cloth [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jim O'Hanlon
A Touch of Cloth [DVD] DVD ~ Jim O'Hanlon
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there is darkness in this series deep deep deep deep deep deep pitch black deep dark moments; blood gore; body pieces laying around like a party at KFC.
you may find it is a bit contrived using the old airplane naked gun spoof rule book and adding a dark tone to it.
basically if your a fan of airplane or naked gun you will more than likely enjoy this, full of gags, Charlie Brooker must watch a lot of crime drama's because it's laden with the usual how to make a crime drama rule book. And the occasional name gag Jack Cloth are quite funny as well.
Do love the way they play around with the cliched dark brooding almost burn out cop.
I enjoyed this series though wish they… Read more
Scarlet Spider - Volume 2: Lone Star by Chris Yost
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4.0 out of 5 stars The Spider continues, 24 July 2013
Been a fan of the scarlet spider since the original Ben Reilly incantation, got the first volume originally thinking Ben Reilly had returned, haven't been following the spideyverse. But was surprised to find Kaine as a hero. really enjoyed the first volume, the second one is weaker than the first the artwork is erratic not a fan of that too be honest, the first story is forgettable but fun the second one improves so does the artwork but then goes back, just wish they kept the original artist.
but it is a good series and am a fan of how they are dealing with the new Scarlet Spider and will continue to collect it, just a shame only paperback and not a hardback edition.
the artwork… Read more
Broadchurch [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Olivia Colman
Broadchurch [DVD] DVD ~ Olivia Colman
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5.0 out of 5 stars A village of Secrets, 23 July 2013
Didn't watch the original run on TV and didn't really bother with it when it came out on DVD, thought it was more like that kind of Saturday afternoon crime drama, but constantly having it recommended to me. haven't finished it yet so will do an update later, but am half way through the series so can do a review of what I think so far.
David Tennant does look so different, though Olivia Coleman's charactor is a tad annoying to start with, but improves (and probably just me) the story surrounds a small town where a boy is found dead and we see the damage it's doing to the family, and secrets are strewn through the village.
It may not be terribly dark. But it is a dark subject and… Read more

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