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By Patrick Ness More Than This (Reprint) by Patrick Ness
I thought this was an excellent book - exciting, engrossing, extremely readable and full of interesting ideas and thoughtful reflections.

It is hard to give a flavour of the plot without giving too much away, but the opening of the book is "Here is the boy, drowning." And he does drown, quite irrevocably, and it's brilliantly and chillingly described. And he then wakes up somewhere unknown...but not quite unknown. One of the very well-handled themes of the plot is not knowing what is real and what is made up in one's head (including a powerful modern restatement of Descartes' "Cogito ergo sum"). There are echoes of The Matrix, Total Recall and the like, but… Read more
Lassus: Prophetiae Sibyllarum Import Edition by Br&hellip
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This is a good recording of Lassus, but perhaps not a great one. I have loved some of The Brabant Ensemble's recordings in the past, but some of their more recent discs, this one included, have failed to move me in the same way.

The principal work here is Prophetiae Sibyllarum, Lassus's venture into chromaticism, which can be a somewhat challenging listen. I have two very fine recordings of it by The Hilliard Ensemble and De Labyrintho, both of which capture the dark, atmospheric nature of the music which I don't think the Brabants quite manage to do here. They sing with their customary technical excellence and a good blend and balance, but don't really generate a sense of… Read more
Spanish Red Wine - Posada del Rey Tinto - 12 bottl&hellip by Laithwaites Wine
This is a nice, rather unobtrusively flavoured wine. It is made from Tempranillo, the great grape of Rioja, but doesn't have the depth of flavour and character of a really good Rioja. It is fruity and medium-bodied, making it an amiable glass on its own or with lightish food. There's not that much in the way of tannins or the darker, richer flavours of Spain's fuller red wine, but that's just fine for a lot of occasions.

Posada del Rey is a non-vintage wine, meaning that the makers blend various vintages to create the flavour they want. I've had quite a few bottles of this over the years and it's always been very reliable. Recommended.