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The Lone Ranger [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Johnny Depp
The Lone Ranger [DVD] DVD ~ Johnny Depp
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Being a massive fan of the Lone Ranger (the real LR, Clayton Moore of course) I approached this with some trepidation. Johnny Depp is America's greatest actor and I do like him. I was very disappointed in him however when he talked a lot of trendy, PC claptrap leading up to the film, saying when he was a kid how he questioned why the 'Native American' was being told what to do by the white man. 1. yeah right, if he did watch it he'd have been, 'K'pow, K' pow get them baddies! Like the rest of us. 2. He's got a selective or defective memory 3. He never watched the original TV series, the LR always treats Tonto with the utmost respect. He's his Mate, not his servant. He always asks… Read more
Thor: The Dark World [DVD] [2013] <b>DVD</b> ~ Chris Hemsworth
Thor: The Dark World [DVD] [2013] DVD ~ Chris Hemsworth
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2.0 out of 5 stars Must Do Better, 22 Mar 2014
Chris Hemsworth a good actor, does what he can with a weak story, Tom Hiddleston, what can I say, you need a very good actor to play the villain-hire a Brit! Hopkins phones his performance in as usual, Eccleston? Yeah good as the uber-villain of the piece (not as good as his Aspinall in 'Lucan'). With everyone forced into using a British accent, it raises the nobility of the characters, and makes the preposterous seem plausible in a suspended belief kind of way. Then Portman opens her trap and lets the whole thing down! She is supposed to be a brilliant scientist, but comes over as a dozey bimbo. Kat Dennings on the other hand, is very good as the 'comic relief'. With a raft of gods,… Read more
The Dinosaur Project [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Natasha Loring
The Dinosaur Project [DVD] DVD ~ Natasha Loring
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not Such A Croc, 2 Feb 2014
Having picked this up in the bargain bucket of the local supermarket, I wasn't expecting much. Then when I realised it was mock hand held camera 'found' footage I thought' Oh No! Hold the front page, it was a superb little film. It's no Jurassic Park, but on a fraction of the budget of JP the effects arn't bad at all. The story which would have actually made a very good TV series, is imaginative, gripping, unpredictable and with characters which hold your sympathy. What helps is that most of the cast are British, so the acting is of a high standard from a group of relative unknowns. With a cast of Brits you are also spared the schmaltz, mom and apple pie speeches which pepper American… Read more

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