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Invasion - The Complete Series [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ William Fichtner
Invasion - The Complete Series [DVD] DVD ~ William Fichtner
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This is an amazing series in every respect. The script is excellent, the acting is top notch (William Fitchner's performance, for instance, is stellar), and the storyline is intelligent, deep and complex.

I was hooked from the very first episode. Some say it started out too slowly but unlike some I like that in a show. I appreciate the fact that some stories have so much substance that they must be given the time to unravel at their natural pace. The people that say Invasion is slow and boring, however, are probably not mature enough for this kind of TV, and probably only saw one or two episodes. They probably never even watched anything past the pilot.

I can guarantee… Read more
Alexander - Director's Cut [DVD] [2004] <b>DVD</b> ~ Anthony Hopkins
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It seems I'm one of a few (a very few) who actually managed to stick with Oliver Stone for the entirety of the movie. Perhaps I have more patience than some when it comes to movies, who knows.

The film is full of good actors. All this talent, however, is unfortunately wasted. The actors are either woefully miscast (*Colin Farrell.), or are fit for the role (**Angelina Jolie) but are limited by a script that, really, no one would have a chance with.

The battle scenes are good, but the one that stands out is Alexander's last battle, the bloodiest in his career and one which he almost lost. This last battle is probably the only moment in the film that makes the pulse… Read more
Girl, Interrupted [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Winona Ryder
Girl, Interrupted [DVD] DVD ~ Winona Ryder
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At first, I was weary of seeing Girl, Interrupted, for fear of it being a chick-flick or another cliche-ridden carbon copy of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Just 15 minutes into the movie, however, and I realised that this was not the case.

The story is well-crafted, the direction is good, the script is superb- but what really stands out is the acting. The entire cast in "Girl, Interrupted" is nothing short of amazing. This movie was made in 1999, and yet even 7 years later, I must admit that, apart from one or two notable exceptions, no performances come to mind that even come close to those in Girl, Interrupted.

Winona Ryder's somewhat understated performance as… Read more

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