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Funny Stories by Don Roble
Funny Stories by Don Roble
5.0 out of 5 stars My Humour, 18 Feb 2014
Don Roble`s style of humour isn`t, at first, an obvious one. Rather it insinuates itself bit by bit culminating in an extremely funny and enjoyable book. Like a fat lass on a marshmallow sofa, My Humour is one of those rare publications that leaves an Impression long after reading it.
His clipped, efficient style never wastes a word and is a joy to read because of it. I absolutely whizzed through this short story collection and enjoyed each and every one of them.
The stories themselves cover subjects as diverse as religion, growing up, the British empire, American life and Charles Manson. Even John Lennon gets a mention, but it is Ivan The Gorilla who will forever hold a place in… Read more