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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC) by Activision
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I received KOTOR the day it came out and I still can't say I enjoyed it. I *love* both Bioware and Lucasarts work prior to the launch of the XBOX. I am also a huge Star Wars fan so this should have been a match made in heaven. This game is a huge disappointment. I found the gameplay quite linear although hugely enjoyable up to the point where you have to do a POD RACE!! Well I realise that lots of people like simple RPGs but I am never going to be one of them. KOTOR has a great story, good graphics and has that rare quality; timeless appeal but there's no getting away from it. It's a simple RPG. If you loved Baldur's Gate II you will find it very hard to enjoy KOTOR. If you love NWN you… Read more
Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge [VHS] <b>VHS</b> ~ Cindy Crawford
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This is an hour long circuit workout that mixes a little kickboxing, a little yoga, high rep weight work and one of the best lower body toning routines on one tape, ever. This is Cindy's second offering and she is much more confident. Her form is good and it's a glossary is included showing you how to perform some of the more difficult exercises, safely and how to modify if your range of motion is limited. The lower body work is comprised of kickbox moves, lunges, sumo squats, regular squats and some cool non-traditional moves. I guarantee you will feel this in your hamstrings, glutes and quads. The Abs work is traditional but very effective. It's split into two sections with toning work… Read more
MTV Yoga [DVD]
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This is a brisk paced Vinyasa yoga. The instructor Kristin McGee cannot be faulted but the modifications shown won't help a beginner. The background exercisers do not always demonstrate good form so please watch Kristin and don't even try and jump in and out of the poses unless you know you can. The camera work isn't good enough for a workout video let alone yoga so Kristin's good cueing is doubly valuable. The music sounds like muzak to me but each to his or her own and it's easy to switch it off. The nightclub setting is a drawback because it really is too dark. It almost looks like a pub! It's great to see intermediate and advanced yoga videos on the market but they need to be clearly… Read more

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