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Look at Yourself ~ Uriah Heep
Look at Yourself ~ Uriah Heep
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One thing I can tell right now is that this album has about every mood possible to have on a (so called)heavy metal album and not to metion their ever so underrated falseto harmonies!What other band than heep has harmonies like than who knows!?
Their are a few adrenaline filled rockers and two long tunes one of which is July morning that melody humm very ahead of its time!!Makes me thing of love in its deepest ways hehe however I think this one is mainly a mix of the first two albums...enjoy!!
Septober Energy ~ Centipede
Septober Energy ~ Centipede
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As I`m saying in the title,this 50 piece ensemble 4 leingthy tracks composed by Keith Tipett and with lyrics by his sister Julie, is a daring and large scale experement that to my opinion effectevly push the boundaries of orchestral work in deed.
With lots of space for improvisations humm a little abstract and many seemingly painted images in a impressionism style.Also as I know fripp I can feel him behind all this even though hes not playing on the album his presence is defenetly there in terms of general assurance(production,spirit and other details)with this big beast.I can t find no defect in that type of work exept that it may have been too much of a bold experiment for the time,… Read more
Salisbury ~ Uriah Heep
Salisbury ~ Uriah Heep
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Uriah Heep on this second album takes a more orchestral feel with its 16 minute Opera rock epic salisbury and in itself a bold statment of flairing passion between man and woman...
The rest of the album predicts pretty much how futur heep might sound like, that is beautiful haunting quazi baroquean ballads to some heavy blues with wicked guitar statements.All in all this is a more than exellent follow up to their first,quickly put together debut album!!