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Electro-Shock Blues ~ Eels
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Yes, it may be that this whole album centres around the suicude of his sister- confirmed in the opening track, but it thrills throughout. Elizabeth on the bathroom floor draws a depression on the whole album with it's haunting imagery and slow nature.
Mr. E uses the depressing nature of the lyrics however, and chooses to combine it with truly originally upbeat back tones, therefore creating a beautifully ironic tone to the album.
However, each song still holds its own, with some tracks playing out in the most inventive and bizzare manner possible - Cancer for the Cure, and Hospital Food being two prime examples - whilst other tracks play it straighter such as Dead Of Winter… Read more
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (PS2) by Midway Games Ltd
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Compared to second sight, psi ops has a lot of things going against it. For instance, it is very generic and 'gamey' so to speak. It has a weak story, pumps up the gore factor, and loves to place you in bland brown corridors.
Despite all of this however, psi ops just about pulls it off at the end. As your powers extend, so does the amount of fun tricks there are to pull off, and that is a huge plus point to what would otherwise be a bland action adventure.
So what of the story? well you play nick scryer, a man who has been taken prisoner and experimented on. Basically an excuse to bring a new element to an action adventure, making it stand out from the rest. However, as blantant… Read more
The Village [DVD] [2004] <b>DVD</b> ~ Sigourney Weaver
The Village [DVD] [2004] DVD ~ Sigourney Weaver
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Why do the trailers always mislead you so? The village looked to take a more horror based slant on m.nights formula, but this is less horrific than signs.In fact, it's more of a drama with scary scenes.
The premise of the village can be percieved in one of two ways. Either you find it totally ridiculous and get put off the whole movie, or you find it a bit silly, but respect it as an effective way of telling an intesresting story, that raises more questions than you may initially think.
But if there's one thing that this director knows how to get right, it's acting skills. The acting is credible all the way through, and transforms what could have been a pointless movie with a… Read more

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