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The Pleasures Of Electricity.....Plus ~ John Foxx
The body of work produced by Foxx and Gordon over a decade or so is almost all excellent, and this is perhaps one of their best. True, musically this does owe much to Krafwerk pioneers, but also acknowledges their influence on both musicians here.

The present two-disc release is a curious choice - the two discs don't differ by much. But the content throughout is top quality, and this is a good place to start with Foxx and Gordon.
Johnny Yesno Redux ~ Cabaret Voltaire
Johnny Yesno Redux ~ Cabaret Voltaire
A very strange release from Richard H Kirk. The original film release whilst doubtless shocking at thje time, seems gfaintly silly now. The remake fares little better.

However, the new 'mixes' of tracks from Voice of America period of Cabaret Voltaire are very interesting. In fact, these are almost new pieces, but with samples from the old tracks dropped in. Some fall rather flat, but a good few work very well. The new version of YASHAR is the one particular standout, but several other good ones besides.

The video material comprising outtakes/oddities from the YES-NO film remake do at last make much more sense with these as the soundtrack. Whilst I remain a… Read more
Vagueness (Problems of Philosophy) by Timothy Williamson
Vagueness (Problems of Philosophy) by Timothy Williamson
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The consideration of 'vagueness' begins with the Paradox of the Heap: take a large heap of chips, eat one, and a heap of chips still remains. This presents us with arithmetic of the form HEAP MINUS ONE = HEAP. So far so good.

But given any FINITE heap of chips, eventually one-by-one all are eaten up, nobody would serious call an empty bowl a 'heap of chips'. Therwin lies the paradox, or so we are told. I remain to be convinved.

The point is the word 'heap' is vague in that the definition is never clearly stated..are six chips a 'heap'? Does it depend upon how those six are arranged? It is mere sloppy use of language, but has obvious colloquial use… Read more

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