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Philips GoGear MP4 player SA2MUS32S/02 Muse 32GB -&hellip by Philips
It does everything I need: good sound, standard headphone socket (so connectable to anything via cable), stores 32gb of music which is enough for me, provides a good-enough index system (Artist, Album, Title; *or* folder structure) on a reasonable size screen, with good-enough info on tracks while playing. It is very easy to populate from a PC (it behaves just like a USB stick when connected, you can just copy whole directories onto it, and it doesn't take very long to update). And it was very cheap - I found it for 90 GBP, which is under half a comparable iPod. No problems with appearance (metal) and it has some nice extras: it will also store & show photos and videos (though,… Read more