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Kontinental <a href="">Kontinental</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
Kontinental Kontinental MP3 Download
Kontinental were one of a number of indie bands that came out of Brighton in the Noughties. Unlike many of them, they were actually very good.

Films such as 'The Wicker Man' & 'Before Sunrise' were as much an influence as bands like Radiohead & My Bloody Valentine (via Hawkwind & The Church), hence song titles like 'Trailer' & 'Insomnia'. As a result this album reflects the twin passions of film & music. A sample from the film 'Brighton Rock' merged with some distinctly 'Kid A' electronica in the opening track followed by a beautifully sung ballad with layers of guitar, pretty reflects their sound.

What sets this CD apart from the rest of the Brighton Beach scene,… Read more
The Bride Wore Black [1968] [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jeanne Moreau
The Bride Wore Black [1968] [DVD] DVD ~ Jeanne Moreau
Very simply, this is not one of Truffaut's greatest films, due partly to becoming quite dated. However, like all Truffaut movies, it is worth watching simply because Truffaut made it. As an Hitchcockian exercise it both plays tribute to and subverts the suspense thriller conventions on more than one occasion, which I will not reveal in detail (suffice to say it is usual to build towards greater tension as each murder occurs, not deflect the murderer suddenly as she moves in for the kill). Moreau is flawless as ever in terms of her acting, though by the time of this film's production both she & the director are stretching her physical beauty to the limit. She is no longer so captivating that… Read more
Bats [DVD] [1999] <b>DVD</b> ~ Lou Diamond Phillips
Bats [DVD] [1999] DVD ~ Lou Diamond Phillips
The director did the best he could; so did the actors, the FX people, the art director, the lighting crew, the editor, the cinematographer, the sound engineer and no doubt everyone else - but the story and script are so appallingly bad that there was absolutely no chance this film would be anything other than farcical garbage. The concept behind this film is one of the low points in Hollywood history. Genetically modified killer bats are deliberately released by a scientist who believes he can control them whilst they wreak havoc. Guess what? He dies. So do a lot of other people - but not our heroes who, despite being attacked repeatedly, survive with barely a scratch. The army and airforce… Read more

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