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Top Reviewer Ranking: 5,742 - Total Helpful Votes: 753 of 994
Transformers Prime - Series 1 Part 2 - Dangerous G&hellip
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Great animation. We meet new bots and learn some Cybertonean history. This dis was more about introducing new characters to who might be important in the future. One thing that found interesting that did come up in the comics is how the Autobots deal with humans that are bad. Form terrorists trying to pull of daring Fast and Furious style grabs of military equipment. Not as good as the first one for me but it definitely moves the story along.
Batman - The Dark Knight Volume 2: Cycle of Violen&hellip by FINCH  DAVID Gregg Hurwitz
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3.0 out of 5 stars Batman Vs the Scarecrow, 21 July 2014
Once again great art work from David Finch. The story is but I think it was a little over done. I could have been a couple of issues shorter, or more could have been done with the plot to justify spending 6 issues, 7 if you include issue 0. It is the usual Scarecrow story, new fear toxin, tries it on Batman the man with no fear. The thing that made this comic 3 stars plus for me was the art work. The Scarecrow really looks scary, and the children look traumatised. The other thing that I did not like was there were things left undone from the last volume seem to be ignored in this volume. No continuity even though they are from the same series.
Trinity Blood - Vol. 6 <b>DVD</b> ~ Colleen Clinkenbeard
Trinity Blood - Vol. 6 DVD ~ Colleen Clinkenbeard
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2.0 out of 5 stars Kane and Able, 21 July 2014
If volume 5 was a step forward this one was a step back. For an ending it leaves more questions than answers. We meet Kane to fathers Able. We see a glimpse of the past that hints at what sin Able says hi committed and spent 900 years repenting, we are not given any idea of why Kane changed to the dark side. We do learn Easter's origin. Again great animation but severely let down by the slow moving storyline, and confusing revelations that would make more sense to not know them. Even the fight scent between Kane and Able was confusing it show them powering up and firing at each other, this as more of a light show that a fight. If this is the final volume I am very disappointed in how much… Read more

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