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Knight of the Cross: A Knight Hospitaller Novella by Steven A. McKay
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A good short story staring Sir Richard a knight Hospitaller. In the Forest Lord Saga we know him as Sir Richard of Lee. The story is well researched, in mr McKay's usual thorough way, the fights are also seem authentic. They are bloody short an brutal. As is his style McKay captures the superstition and brutality of the era. The story has more of a supernatural touch then the others. A good short story introducing fans to McKay style. A good back story to Sir Richard. You do need to read this story to enjoy the rest of the Forest Lord books so far, but for fan of Sir Richard it is nice to read about his exploits from his prime.
Forever Evil HC (The New 52) by David Finch
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Good story great art work and far reaching revelations for the DCU. The Justice League are missing, the Crime Syndicate have taken over. The one thing standing in their way is Lex Luther. Lex takes the lead role but we are constantly reminded that he not a hero. I do like that fact that this version of the Crime Syndicate are not just evil versions of the Justice League, they are different in not only their thinking but their powers and abilities as well. Also the new 52 debut of B Zero. The only down side is I would have liked to see more of Owl Man, he is more of a cameo than even a side character in this story. I thought a couple of returns were rushed towards the end. This also sets up… Read more
Thor - The Dark World <b>DVD</b> ~ Chris Hemsworth
Thor - The Dark World DVD ~ Chris Hemsworth
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This is the best Thor film I have seen. To be honest Thor is my least faverite Avenger, comic book character in general. The first film reformed my opinion. This film is so much better. I like the way Thor says in his world magic and science are one of and the same. It gave this film more of science fiction feel. The only thing that let this film down a bit for me was it seemed like a weaker version of The Avengers complete with alien invasion. The strongest thing in thing about this film was the cast. Everyone put in a great performance. I believed their characters a lot more than the first film.

Thousands of years ago, a gerneration for Asguardians, Odin's father fought the… Read more

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