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Thick As A Brick 2 ~ Jethro Tull
Thick As A Brick 2 ~ Jethro Tull
TAAB2 is a hard one to call, in that the album as a whole comes across as a strange concept indeed. It's deemed a follow up album, but a follow up to what, exactly----a prog rock album from 40 years ago? Well yes, if the title's anything to go by. And sure, it's got a couple of themes from the original slotted in periodically just to remind the listener and nail home the premise of loose continuation, but realistically, calling this a `follow up' is stretching things to the nth degree.

Lyrically it has no bearing on the original because the original HAD no defining theme anyway and was, as Ian Anderson himself once called TAAB, a tongue-in-cheek piece of prog rock. Lyrically,… Read more

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