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"Wookiee with a chocolate addiction"
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I'm a geek, possibly descended from Chewbacca and Rowlf from the Muppets.

Science fiction (TV, films and books), soundtrack and orchestral music, Xbox 360 games and seeing how long I can go without employment.


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Airwolf: Seasons One, Two & Three [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jan-Michael Vincent
Airwolf: Seasons One, Two & Three [DVD] DVD ~ Jan-Michael Vincent
Though it is now very (very, very) dated Airwolf is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Turn your brain off and enjoy often terrible acting, worse scripts, surprisingly good action and brilliant aerial sequences and one of the best theme tunes (and most gorgeous aircraft) ever.

The first season is actually pretty good to be fair, and has some cracking episodes that really make good use of Cold War paranoia, shades of grey morality and surprisingly intelligent ideas for a show like this - introducing restrictions and limitations on what Airwolf can do and suggesting why and how it can do it in the first place, plus raising questions like just how DO you look after your stolen/'loaned'… Read more
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition (PC DVD) by Bethesda
4.0 out of 5 stars Worth it., 24 April 2014
In many ways is far superior to Fallout 3 - it has Hardcore Mode that requires you to keep an eye on how hungry, thirsty and tired you are or face the consequences, the Survival skill and the accompanying ability to harvest plants, animals and rubbish and make things out of them, the more sensible arrangement of skills (no Big Guns and Small Guns, just Guns and a strength requirement for larger weapons) and companions with their own stories, quests, requirements and dislikes. The reputation system of older Fallout games is reinstated and the diversity of weapons, armour and enemies is simply staggering.

And yet somehow, I still prefer Fallout 3. Still, this is well worth playing,… Read more
Illusions <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Illusions-Thomas-Bergersen/dp/artist-redirect/B005A08BH4">Thomas Bergersen</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
Illusions Thomas Bergersen MP3 Download
Technically this is not a Two Steps From Hell album, as it has been made by only one half of that outfit. If this album is anything to go by, he's easily the better half because this music is sublime. Highly recommended if you enjoy TSFH, Immediate Music and soundtrack music in general.

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