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PicknBuy Microphone to USB Interface Cable MIC Cab&hellip by PicknBuy
Purchased this to use with the balanced dynamic mic on my Beyerdynamic DT190 headset. Extremely good voice quality, and fills the full volume range without any extra software boost and with very minimal hiss.

You really wouldn't expect the sound quality this produces from a 12 ADC in an oversized USB plug, absolutely top notch product.
Duronic USB10BH BLACK AQUADAM High Speed 480Mbps -&hellip by Duronic
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Under normal use as a 10 port powered hub it works perfectly, but it has been cheaply designed and lacks a diode to prevent current flowing backwards through the cable that connects hub to PC. This will in no way affect a full size computer, but it causes the Raspberry Pi to attempt to turn on, which fails due to the 100ma current limit. The Pi is then stuck in this state until both power and USB cables are removed.

This makes turning the Pi on and off a cumbersome process, as both the Pi power cable and the hub cable must be disconnected and quickly reconnected (about 1-2 second window to complete it on faster distros like OpenELEC/DarkELEC) in the correct order.

That… Read more
FiiO E17 Portable Headphone Amplifier and USB DAC by FiiO
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Not much to say other than it absolutely annihilates the Xonar DX analog output at the same volume. Bassy frequencies were cancelling out the higher soundstage-providing frequencies, but the AMP part of the E17 alone easily put an end to that.

Pretty sure the DAC section is worse on paper than the Xonar DX, but as a direct result it makes lossless music sound like a perfect compromise between 320kbps MP3 and the harshness of the original recording. All this while still sounding a good deal better than onboard audio DACs.

Thankfully the Xonar still has some use - features like Dolby Headphone and the global Equaliser still work perfectly over 192KHz 24-bit optical… Read more