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"I almost care."
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In the grand scheme of things, I'm an utter big-head, who thinks he's right all the time and the only person in the world with any taste in anything. Thing is, it's true ! (see!?) I believe Ivor Cutler is better than Bruce Springsteen, and that most current music is brain-dead. Despite everything in the world, I believe in love and am still optimistic.

Anything off-centre and disturbing. Fairgrounds, toy shops, art deco, anything un-pc. Blasting and Bombardiering. Good, powerful writing.


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Bugatti Mens T21411 Boots Bugatti
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Storming great black bully-boys; fur-lined for extra snugness and smugness, and zip-handed for that vague but sexily impressive 7o's chic that everyone so loves nowadays. Watch those popsies drool as you sashay into whatever corporate function you're enjoying on the tax-man, and sidle up to the free bar for your treble VaT while these pips peek from under your semi-Lionels. You'll need Raid to keep them at bay.
Even the most pathetic inbred could score in these: Witless, humourless and clueless..? Makes not one jot of difference ~ you'll still get your tail wet while Bugatti's ludicrously hot booties adorn your plates. Rug-munchers, and even other (lesser) men, will swoon at their… Read more
Brutalization [DVD] [1973] [US Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Bryan Marshall
4.0 out of 5 stars Life of Bryan., 21 Jun 2014
Murky drama with Bryan Marshall (!) giving a sound, low-key (!!) performance as an Amsterdam cop on the trail of a gang of Hooray Henry subversives intent on mayhem of the gritty 7o's, Euro flares and sideburns variety. Okay yah ?

After an early tone-setting robbery/assault, lewdly orchestrated to unsettle the viewer for the rest of the film, 'Brutalization' (or 'Because of the Cats', as I've always known it.), finds it's true calling as a strongish, well-acted, slightly extreme take on a well-worn social bete noir: ie, Do you know what YOUR kids are doing between the time they've finished their teas and when they stumble up the stairs just as dawn's breaking ? Always a sobering… Read more
The Singles 1983-1988 ~ Spear Of Destiny
The Singles 1983-1988 ~ Spear Of Destiny
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1.0 out of 5 stars Cuddle ?, 22 Oct 2013
Flaccid, identity-less non-music from persistent transgressor and all-round no-hoper Kirk Brandon, and his equally wimpy, hopeless music band.
I should leave it there but I can't resist twisting the blade a few times into the dangling, swinging, end-of-music-as-we-know-and-love-it, sack of lifeless straw that is Spear of Destiny.
Springing from the deadened loins of the definitely-as-dreadful Theatre of Hate (Kirk so likes that middle 'of' - makes him appear literate), SOD (loooool!) operated in the same sort of post-intellectual, sub-political era as the likes of New Model Army and The Alarm. Cringingly, All Mates Together.
Despairingly, Kirk saught to broaden his lumpen… Read more