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New In Town [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Renee Zellweger
New In Town [DVD] DVD ~ Renee Zellweger
Not the sort of thing I buy as a rule,but having seen a small part of the film on TV,decided it might be amusing. I was pleased that my guess was right. It does help the fun of the story if you have a rough idea of the U.S. way of life in certain areas. Although it is "America" each state does have it`s own quirks and behaviours as well as slightly different ways of looking at life. This film takes a slightly tounge in cheek look at small town Minnisota,and is witty and to some degree informative of a way of life. All in all Ms Zellwiger does her usual sterling job,but the rest of the supporting cast have a great deal to do with the films success at being funny.

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