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JHS Vintage V100 'Iced Tea'
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I try to make positive comments and provide plenty of information (and images where useful) about an item's contents or usefulness, but if something is a disappointment, I say so and try to be as objective as possible when explaining my reasons for awarding a low star rating.

I intensely dislike those people who post reviews or comments which are no more than unfocused explosions of negativity o… Read more

Playing the guitar (not very well since I severed nerves in my left hand), photography, cooking and editing 25 years-worth of poetry written for children during my long career as a teacher, Keystage manager and Literacy co-ordinator.

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Oxford Hoop Essential Cable Lock - Black Oxford
You get what you pay for. You don't pay much for this item and you don't get much - well, not in the way of security anyway. I took photos comparing this to my old hoop lock, but the option to upload images doesn't seem to appear for this product. I'll keep checking, just in case this is a glitch.

The inner cable, although toughened, it VERY small diameter and the sleeve - which looks wide - is actually deceiving as it's a very loose fit.

Maybe use this for a bike you don't really worry too much about - or possibly a child's bike - or for securing a bike in your garage. But I would definitely NOT recommend it for trying to secure a good quality bike in an area where… Read more
12-String Guitar (Guitar Recorded Versions) by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
12-String Guitar (Guitar Recorded Versions) by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
The number of books and tutor books which are specifically, accurately and usefully aimed at 12 string players can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Virtually all others which have the '12 string' tag attached to them are usually just sets of notes about how to play the guitar or are compilations of transcriptions which can be played on any type of guitar. Most also have a token 'introduction' about the history of the 12 string and a few notes about how to tune the pairs of strings. Beyond that, the 12 string tag is just a con to suck you in.

That's pretty close to how I categorise this book. There IS a sometimes tenous link between the chosen transcriptions and the 12… Read more
Don't bother looking for this on DVD, but it has been uploaded in full on Youtube. My only option was to grab it and burn it to DVD for myself. It's well worth hunting for or watching if you're a fan of Hank's playing and want to see and hear him discuss many of his classic recorsdings and sounds and also demonstrate so many of his techniques and tips. It really should be available on DVD, but until then ....... your only real option is to do what I had to do.

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