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I try to make positive comments and provide plenty of information (and images where useful) about an item's contents or usefulness, but if something is a disappointment, I say so and try to be as objective as possible when explaining my reasons for awarding a low star rating.

I intensely dislike those people who post reviews or comments which are no more than unfocused explosions of negativity o… Read more

Playing the guitar (not very well since I severed nerves in my left hand), photography, cooking and editing 25 years-worth of poetry written for children during my long career as a teacher, Keystage manager and Literacy co-ordinator.

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Johnson Chad Ukulele Aerobics For All Levels Uke B&hellip by Various
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I deliberately used the words 'serious student' in my review caption because that's the impression I get from this brilliant book. This is most definitely NOT a book to dip into nor look at now and then, nor is it a book if you just want something that will quickly give you a few basics and a few songs to sing along with as you strum. But, if you are serious about wanting to learn to play the ukulele then you will already know that just as with any musical instrument, you will need to invest time, energy, effort, thought and lots of practise into the process of learning. That is the basis upon which this book is built. If that doesn't frighten you off, then this book is probably one for you… Read more
Christmas on 34th Street: 34 Christmas Classics, 3&hellip by M. Ryan Taylor
This is a VERY useful resource if you're an ukulele player, especially if you're a baritone player as both tunings are catered for throughout the book (ie: GCEA and DGBE). There is no tab but there is notation of the melody lines as well as lyrics. Chords for each song are illustrated for both tunings at the top of every page.

Two unusual feature of the book are --
(1) The lack of page numbering. This is offset by numbering every song.
(2) The fact that many songs occur more than once with each version using a different key and, therefore, an adjusted set of chords. Some songs appear just once in one key, others appear 2, 3 or even 4 times in different keys… Read more
Ukulele For Dummies by Alistair Wood
Ukulele For Dummies by Alistair Wood
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Before I begin this review, let me first point you towards a much, much , MUCH better tutor book. In fact - if you want a truly well-structured book which uses tab in conjunction with notation for sets of superbly sequenced lessons, tips, riffs, strums, scales etc. broken down into daily tasks over a 40 week period (and which doesn't contains tens of thousands of words), then forget 'Dummies' and look at this ...

Johnson Chad Ukulele Aerobics For All Levels Uke Bk/Cd

The usual 'introduction' section featuring parts of the uke, tuning etc. is only covered in very brief notes, but if you need it, all that… Read more

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