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I try to make positive comments and provide plenty of information (and images where useful) about an item's contents or usefulness, but if something is a disappointment, I say so and try to be as objective as possible when explaining my reasons for awarding a low star rating.

I intensely dislike those people who post reviews or comments which are no more than unfocused explosions of negativity o… Read more

Playing the guitar (not very well since I severed nerves in my left hand), photography, cooking and editing 25 years-worth of poetry written for children during my long career as a teacher, Keystage manager and Literacy co-ordinator.

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 302 - Total Helpful Votes: 2151 of 2554
Ukulele For Dummies by Alistair Wood
Ukulele For Dummies by Alistair Wood
If you know the 'Dummies' range of books, you'll know what to expect. The 'Look inside' feature lets you view the contents and index, so I'll not repeat or summarise those here. There's no doubt that this book is ideal for both beginners and intermediate players. Maybe sometimes points are a bit laboured, but on the whole this is an excellent guide and introduction to first and later techniques, skills and styles. Whether or not you actually need over 300 pages to cover all the topics (which are more effectively and less verbosely covered in other books with less than a third that number of pages) is a matter for you to decide. If you like the typical 'Dummies' approach, then fair… Read more
Fun with Strums - Baritone Ukulele by William Bay
There are several really good features of this book which are worth exploring if you're either a beginner to the ukulele, or you just want to increase your understanding and ability to develop strumming skills:

(1) There are clear photographs of finger positions alongside clear diagrams of chords. One or two are maybe a tad misleading or unclear (eg: the chord of A7 where the photo doesn't clearly show that it's easiest to barre across all four strings whilst using another finger for the fingering on the top 'E' string). However, in the majority of cases, the photos are clear and helpful.

(2) The book is based upon a clear progression of skills which start with simple… Read more
Heaven & Earth ~ Yes
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2.0 out of 5 stars Pleasant enough, 16 Aug 2014
Nice. Pleasant. Ambient. Dreary after the first few tracks. None of the classic 'Yes' feel.

It sounded to me as if they were on auto-pilot both with the usual semi-spiritual lyrics, exotic guitar runs (none of which bring you up short or startle you with any hint of newness of originality) and pretty steady rhythms. At least Jon Davison's voice successfully evokes memories of Jon Anderson at his best. But all-in-all, it's a pretty dull affair. Very much an attempt by old prog rockers to revisit landscapes which are now receding too far into the mist to be successfully explored once again.

It's almost OK. That's the best I can say.

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