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Yes, you will find most of reviews are positive to some extent. This is because I will only review something I have enjoyed and played/read the whole way through. If I don't like something I will stop reading/turn it off. I don't believe I am therefore qualified to review items I have not given 100% attention to. I am not a professional reviewer and reserve the right to give up on stuff I don't li… Read more


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Magnolia ~ Pineapple Thief
Magnolia ~ Pineapple Thief
5.0 out of 5 stars More than "Prog", 15 Sep 2014
With all the fuss over the recent U2 release may I be so bold as to say, that if you aren't that impressed by that album, here is an album from a band that does anthemic, melodic rock that inspires and excites. Also don't be fooled by the "prog" label that is attached to the band. Yes there are noodles, doodles, odd time signatures and excellent musicianship as you would expect from that genre, but by far the most relevant thing about this band and this album is that there are songs, there is excitement, there is genuine adventure in what they are doing. Some say that "Rock is Dead" but this is just the latest of a slew of recent albums that shows that to be very far from… Read more
Graz 1975 ~ Deep Purple
Graz 1975 ~ Deep Purple
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This is basically the same set as the previously released Paris 75 so may not appeal to anyone other than completists. It may also be my ears but I don't think this set is as well produced, the sound appears a bit muddy and the vocals seem to float in and out of the mix. The quality of the playing is of course never in doubt and the tracks are classic so this isn't a bad record by any means it's just that I think that if you want one memento from this tour, the Paris concert is better.
The Rock & Roll All Stars ~ John Fogerty
The Rock & Roll All Stars ~ John Fogerty
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One of the great voices of rock returned to live performance after a hiatus in the early 80s and the results are reproduced here, somewhat diminished by background noise and hiss on some tracks it has to be said hence only 4 stars, but these were recorded for the radio so full production values were obviously not observed. That said, we have a triumphant return of someone who should have a higher place in the echelons of rock and someone most people under 40 won't have heard of. If they listen to to this album then better renown should follow as Fogerty and his excellent backing band give it large on some classics, some of Fogerty's solo material but most joyously on the old CCR tracks. Bad… Read more