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Yes, you will find most of reviews are positive to some extent. This is because I will only review something I have enjoyed and played/read the whole way through. If I don't like something I will stop reading/turn it off. I don't believe I am therefore qualified to review items I have not given 100% attention to. I am not a professional reviewer and reserve the right to give up on stuff I don't li… Read more


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Terms Of My Surrender ~ John Hiatt
Terms Of My Surrender ~ John Hiatt
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This album of predominantly acoustic blues serves as further evidence of Hiatt refusing to grow old gracefully, but with a wicked glint in his eye. There are echoes of Springsteen, Dylan, Steve Earle even Neil Young perhaps which is no coincidence as they are all "elder statesmen" producing some of their, if not best work, certainly some of their most challenging in recent times. Hiatt's voice has that reassuringly crumbly timbre which invests the songs with a wordly wisdom that is ably supported by the mostly sparse backing and harmonies. This is one of those albums that you will turn to when you want a dependably enjoyable listen. Great stuff!
From Scotland With Love ~ King Creosote
From Scotland With Love ~ King Creosote
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For those of a non-Scottish background don't be put off by the title. Yes the music was written for a documentary on Scotland's recent history but much of it is as relevant to the North of England as it is to the Clyde shipyards for example. To get a more in depth review I suggest you read Red on Black's excellent summation but I will disagree with him regarding the track Largs as it is basically a song about my own childhood and the childhood of innumerable other Scottish folk. This is Kenny's genius (I don't use the word lightly) - he describes real life with such perception coupled with such beautiful melodies that you are transported to another time, another place. Superb!
Inside Team Sky by David Walsh
Inside Team Sky by David Walsh
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I have read and enjoyed most if not all of David Walsh's output over the past few years and this book doesn't disappoint however I have to mention some caveats which have stopped me giving the book 5 stars. Firstly it is a book by a journalist so sometimes the narrative doesn't quite hang together. It gives the impression of being a stitched together work, although the patches are very good indeed. Secondly, anyone who is familiar with Walsh's work will find that old ground is gone over quite a bit. Obviously this helps to put a lot of his reportage into context but if you take all this out, this is actually quite a slim volume. I almost get the impression that Sky is such a well oiled… Read more