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Yes, you will find most of reviews are positive to some extent. This is because I will only review something I have enjoyed and played/read the whole way through. If I don't like something I will stop reading/turn it off. I don't believe I am therefore qualified to review items I have not given 100% attention to. I am not a professional reviewer and reserve the right to give up on stuff I don't li… Read more


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Prestigio Multipad PMP7100D3G DUO 10.1 Tablet 5v C&hellip by
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Not much more to be said really. Considering that the prestigio isn't the most common or highest spec tablet on the market I feared this charger would be hard to find but this is obviously not the case. It has had some pretty heavy use by the kids over the past couple of weeks and so far it has handled everything (sometimes literally!) thrown at it.
Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring by Simon J Nott
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I can only admit to being disappointed in the end by this book. I was looking forward to a story of dodgy deals and evading the police and dangerous criminals but I'm afraid - and it's to the author's credit this really - that this is no more than a mildly interesting story of someone who ends up working in the betting business. Sure there are stories of coups and the like but it is all rather tame and well, businesslike. It's almost like the author is too honest and hard-working to have that "edge" that might have made this book a bit more "racy" (sorry, couldn't resist). I hope that I am not doing the author or indeed the betting business a disservice by saying that whilst… Read more
The Conquest of Plassans (Oxford World's Classics) by Émile Zola
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Looking at the dates of previous reviews I suspect they are reviews of the Vizetelly translation which fine though it is, suffers a bit from being a bit stilted and overblown for today's reader. This new translation is excellent, ably capturing the characterisations and voices of the protagonists as they wrestle with the intrigues and manipulations of the new priest in town. My one caveat with the book is that whilst Zola was quite brave in his condemnation of the political/clerical classes given the time in which he wrote it, after a while the almost constant bitterness begins to wear. There are few sympathetic characters in this book, most of them are out for what they can get and whilst… Read more