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Yes, you will find most of reviews are positive to some extent. This is because I will only review something I have enjoyed and played/read the whole way through. If I don't like something I will stop reading/turn it off. I don't believe I am therefore qualified to review items I have not given 100% attention to. I am not a professional reviewer and reserve the right to give up on stuff I don't li… Read more


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Blacklight Blue (The Enzo Files) by Peter May
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Oh I really wanted to love this book but there were too many annoyances for me to do so. My first issue is that it has been written/edited for the American market with taps called "faucets", pavements called "sidewalks", Autumn "Fall" and curtains "drapes". We on this side of the Atlantic are meant to make allowances for American idiom and vocabulary so why the heck can't they afford us the same privilege. Are they really that lazy?
Secondly there are some gaping holes in the plot. It's very difficult to describe these without revealing a major plot twist so a minor spoiler alert. Why oh why, if he is such an "expert" didn't Enzo do some research on meeting a certain someone as anyone… Read more
Bestway Inflatable 18 Pocket Fashion Sun Lounger L&hellip WB
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This lasted remarkably well on holiday, quite robust and yet comfortable. We even used it for bodyboarding in the surf and it was quite the thing. However after about 10 days it did start leaking on a seam so we couldn't repair it properly. I think that after 10 days hard use in the surf which it is not necessarily designed for after all, this was fair enough so it received an honourable burial (well dumping in the bin really!) at the end of the holiday, it's work done.
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We used this in our loft room as the toilet in there had much more scale than the downstairs loo and because we use a macerator we can't use bleach and other proprietary de-scalers. it worked a treat even though we used less than the recommended amount (a third of the bottle rather than half) just to make it go further as it is much more expensive than the similar supermarket products. However within 2 hours all the scale was gone and everything looked pristine. A month later and there is still no sign of limescale so it would appear that this works very well indeed.