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The Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther
The Jews and Their Lies by Martin Luther
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For a man who translated the Bible into German, I don't know how Martin Luther could ever have written this book. A good review of the book of Romans would have reminded him that Christians are not to mistreat Jews.

There is no New Testament command to burn sysnagogues, turn Jewish people into manual laborers, restrict their travel, etc. It just plain isn't there.

Jews are neither angels nor devils. They're people. There are good ones, bad ones, and those in between just like any other group. I've met Jewish people whom I've like very much and others who have been hard to like -- again, just like any other group. I recognize the right of Israel to exist as a… Read more
Lentil (Picture Puffin) by Robert McCloskey
Lentil (Picture Puffin) by Robert McCloskey
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I heard this story a looooooong time ago. I was still in primary school, and let just say that it was -- uh -- a WHILE back! :) I've heard the audio of it and was quite impressed with the skill of the harmonica playing. To this day, I wonder who the harmonica artist was -- Larry Adler, perhaps?

But I started piano lessons at age seven and was familiar with some basic forms of harmony by my late grade school years, and knew a bit about playing by ear, so I bought a little plastic red harmonica and learned to play some simple tunes on it and even some church music (my father is a preacher). I identified with Lentil, who seemed to be carving out his identity with his music. Up… Read more
No David! by David Shannon
No David! by David Shannon
I'm a school teacher who is currently working as a substitute, so I encounter this book a lot.

Anybody who has ever raised a little boy will identify with it. David is not a bad little boy at all -- he's just a boy, and as such he's always getting into scrapes. And they can drive us crazy, but would we really have them any other way?

One day I read this book to the kids when a couple of parents were in the classroom, visiting, and the adults laughed just as much as the kids did.

Just one comment here -- someone should do a book like this on raising little girls. They are fast catching up with the boys on behavior antics.