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Its fair to say my life has royally gone wrong. I don't blame anyone. If i'd have been born Bradley Cooper I wouldn't be in this mess. I'm going to attempt to write a book due to a drunken review. Marriage: How to Ruin a Complete Strangers Life. Follow me on twitter and please buy it so I can get Barclays off my back and attempt to regain some dignity.



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Habau Maxi 563 Outdoor Chicken Run by HABAU
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Pretty handy now KFC have started all this Halal chicken business. There is a bloke on piston heads who swears he has cracked their secret recipe. All you need is a acne-ridden grumpy teenager to chuck it all in a bucket and you're golden. I've got nothing against Halal Chicken. What religion chicken's choose is their own business, but I've got a suspicion they are breeding jihadist chickens as some sort of insurgency. It starts out with a family bucket and ends with a MI5 inquiry and Tony Blair demanding we invade Kentucky. Best to pre-empt it and breed your own agnostic or christian chickens as is your want, obviously you've got to get your own BBQ beans and all that.
Durex Surprise Me Variety Condoms - Pack of 40 by Durex
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I'll be honest "Family Planning" and "Surprise Me" aren't generally two interchangeable terms. I do appreciate the fact these come in a box of forty, although being honest unless you are a professional service provider or a student the likelihood of getting through a box before the end of the sell by date is someone optimistic. I mean what can you really say in a condom review? I used one and we didn't have a child as a result or get a nasty itch. That is not to say I enjoyed it. There is something about watching your lads swimming about in a stinky little sock that makes you realise a life of no-commitment sex is like a variety box of condoms called surprise me. I mean,… Read more
How to Develop Your Family Mission Statement by Stephen R. Covey
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I will admit straight up that I have not read this book. Amazon suggested it to me in my inbox. And I'm quite drunk. I'll give him five stars for applying something that honestly speaking is the curse of the modern workplace and applying it to one's domestic arrangements. I'm sure for some people running your life like a corporate entity is a novel approach that will avoid divorce, marriage counselling. I can see a really great spin off series. HR for families. Health & Safety for Families. Not getting caught in bed with your wifes best friend conflict resolution for families. All good stuff. I mean, seriously, I'd love to sit in my living room with a flip chart, some coloured pens and a… Read more

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