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Watch Dogs (PS4) by Ubisoft
Watch Dogs (PS4) by Ubisoft
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This brief 'feedback' might help people sitting on the fence with this game - I won't mention the huge drop in graphics quality since the game was first shown; as there's been plenty covering this aspect, so I'll just focus on the 5-6 hours I have been playing...

As the title pokes fun at, this really is Assassins Creed with another skin on, and of course, a living city environment - already the missions (main and side) are all very rinse and repeat; though you are able to tackle most missions either stealthily or guns blazing - the latter a style I have not tried yet.

Personally I loved the AC games, so I'm pretty sure that I will stick with Watch Dogs until the end -… Read more
Battlefield 4 (PS4) by Electronic Arts
Battlefield 4 (PS4) by Electronic Arts
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As a long term fan of the series, it pains me to say, but avoid this game for now - presently either the software or infrastructure is so poor; it renders this ~£100 game almost unplayable!

I purchased this game on day one of release, and duly forked out a further £45 for the 'premium' pack... both purchases I well and truly regret now.

My own gripes:

Single player is dull, but a patch on the previous game, and is over with little to no enjoyment.

Multiplayer suffers hugely from 'rubber banding' - and months down the line since release, still no fix - making the touted 64 player maps largely unplayable... and it's not an issue with people's… Read more
Thief (PS4) by Square Enix
Thief (PS4) by Square Enix
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2.0 out of 5 stars Poorly designed, 28 Mar 2014
Having been a huge fan of the old PC games, I was beside myself with the excitement of a new instalment - unlike some die hard fans of the series, I actually really enjoyed the last game; Deadly Shadows, as it felt like a nice refresh to the older games....

I'm guessing this kind of refresh is what Square Enix wanted with Thief, but unfortunately, what was delivered falls very wide of the mark in my opinion.

Firstly characters... Hours and hours of time into the game and I feel nothing for any of them, other than hatred for Garrett's new sidekick - an angsty teenage-esq character with the world seemingly on her back and owing her a favour; a completely needless… Read more