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In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a &hellip by George Prochnik
To some, this book may seem like making a great deal of noise over the virtues of silence. Although this book might have been more effective if it had been edited down to an essay, there may be something in the patience required to gradually absorb the details and anecdotes Prochnik expresses in his book.

The plot, so to speak, is simple - the world is growing noisier and we are being distracted and rendered less effective by the constant noise all around us through out the day. He points to research that indicates that unnecessary background noise affects the young in their effort to learn language. This failure to learn the language effectively is one of the causes of… Read more
You Can't Read This Book: Censorship in an Age of &hellip by Nick Cohen
5.0 out of 5 stars Never mind the label, 14 Sep 2014
As one reads through this book, he is likely to forget whatever label he might have stuck on others or on himself. This book was written with a force of persuasion through the indignities inflicted by man on each other ('man' here includes women - both as oppressor and victim). Cohen tells the story of Hirsi Ali and her long journey from childhood to adulthood in Somalia and Europe, finding deep prejudice against her for her gender and her religion. The same goes with the story of one of India's most talented artists, Magbool Fida Hussain, who at age 94 finally renounced his citizenship because Hindu politicians made use of his art and his name to create political opportunities for… Read more
Why Smart People Hurt: A Guide for the Bright, the&hellip by Eric Maisel
This is an interesting book because Maisel is trying to merge Zen and psychology. You need to understand some psychology and Zen to appreciate what Maisel is trying to do. The problem here is that he has not expressed his ideas more clearly and as a result, we see the comments from some reviewers Amazon US saying that he has identified the problem but has no solution. Another attacked him for a being an atheist bigot.

In this book, Maisel's points are as follows: We can deal with unhappiness by thinking more deeply and critically about the things that we value, asking if we truly value those things, and whether we can bring ourselves to do without them. Secondly, thinking is a… Read more