"Laurie Pink"
Hello. My name is Laurie Pink & I draw things.
Location: Manchester, UK
Birthday: 29 Aug
In My Own Words:
Laurie likes shiney things.


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Sage Angie : Monkeys in the Jungle (Hbk) by Angie Sage
My name is Laurie, and I am 24 years old. When I was 6, my mum and I were painting my bedroom with lots of animals. Mum liked the animals I drew and based all of the drawings in her first ever book on the hippos, lions, tigers and monkeys on my bedroom wall. The inside cover says "from animals drawn by Lauren Sage".
That's me.
I've known the poem of this book off by heart since I was very young - I remember my dad and mum going through the roughs together, correcting it, and occasionally asking me to draw a new animal (the ants, rabbits and parrots were a later addition, drawn when I was a year older).
I still love it to pieces, for the rhythm of the text and the vibrant… Read more

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