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Getting the Little Blighters to Eat: Change your c&hellip by Claire Potter
The message I received, loud and clear, from Claire Potter's book, is, It's Ok! It's ok that kids don't clear their plates, it's ok that they really, really don't like beetroot, it's ok to eat with your fingers, try peanut butter, have a sip of beer! Above all, it's ok to set aside all the worry and prejudices passed down to us by our parents. It is even ok to forgive them because theirs was a different time! There ARE rules in this book - don't get me wrong - but they are clear, concise and if you follow them, you will succeed. Mealtimes will be less fraught. The nuggets of wisdom and the 'sciency bits' will empower you and the fun ideas come just often enough to enthuse you without… Read more