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BackTrack 4: Assuring Security by Penetration Test&hellip by Shakeel Ali
A few days before BackTrack 5 came out the book finally arrived in my mailbox. As I also had the opportunity to play with BackTrack 5 during the time I read the book, I should be able to see how useful it is now BT5 is out.

A first surprise was when I read the first pages about the authors and reviewers. Peter Van Eeckhoutte, also known as corelanc0d3r (from Corelan Team), is one of the three reviewers of this book. Seeing his name in this book gave me a good feeling about what I was going to encounter. (no no, it's not because he's Belgian)

The book is divided into twelve chapters, with the first chapter an introduction to the BackTrack distribution, the various… Read more