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Dc Comics Dc Direct Batman: Arkham City Series 2: &hellip by DC Direct
First of all, this is not an Amazon verified purchase because I received it as a Christmas gift, so sorry about that.

Secondly, Batman: Arkham City is rated as a 15+ on all of the platforms it's available for, so I'm not sure why parents are buying figures from a 15+ game for children who are evidently too young to understand that they are made for an older collector base. I'm not a prude and I was happily shooting up dudes (well, alien dudes) in Duke Nukem when I was 10 years old, but parents really need to do a bit of research before buying or allowing their kids to buy merchandise that is quite unsuitable for child's play. (Might I recommend the DCU or DCAU action figures… Read more
Pokémon X (Nintendo 3DS) by Nintendo
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I've been a lifelong fan of the Pokémon franchise - received Blue for my then-new Gameboy Color in 1998 and have played every generation since. However, Generation V (Black/White and Black/White 2) really turned me off the franchise with their bland new Pokémon, boring region and cut-and-paste story-line, so I have to admit I approached X/Y with some trepidation. I needn't have worried. X/Y, with their Kalos region, new Fairy type and line-up of furry critters raring to go is absolutely fantastic. I've spent a while wondering how to leave a review for it, and I think the best way is to highlight the ten things I enjoy the most about the game. Here goes:

1) The… Read more
One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis
One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis
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I bought this novel after reading so many reviews talking about how clever the twist was, about how well-written and crafted it was, about how deep and amazing it was...I think I might be reading a different book.

The main character is a twin. This point is repeatedly hammered in to you throughout the novel - in fact, a good chunk of it concerns her childhood and the relationship she has with her sister, and in the end...there's no pay-off. Nothing. Her sister was a destructive menace and the novel tries to make the psychology behind this important, but it's really not. She's superfluous. Pointless. The entire segments about their childhood, growing up, the wedding day, the fact… Read more

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