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Wolf [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jim Taihuttu
Wolf [DVD] DVD ~ Jim Taihuttu
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Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
An intriguing aside from the main action reveals the reason for this film's enigmatic title, when the protagonist Majid acknowledges the presence of a fellow predator. Sadly, much of the remainder of this movie falls well short of that near-sublime moment, as it depicts the transition from petty crime to major crime of a second-generation Moroccan immigrant living in The Netherlands.

It all kicks off with a quite amusing scene as Majid and his accomplice Adil are window-shopping and debating the relative merits of two motorbikes. Finally deciding on one - with a little help from a couple of drunken revellers passing by, they smash the window and take it. That was the first and… Read more
Europa Report 3D
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Europa Report employs the well-trodden found-footage technique in a space exploration scenario. I was reminded immediately of the Canadian sci-fi/horror Apollo 18 from a few years back (and perhaps to a lesser degree Last Days on Mars), but Europa Report, in my opinion, is a far superior film that provides a genuine sense of wonder about the search for extraterrestrial life and the perils inherent in space travel.

The budget clearly wasn't huge, but the hardware all looks reasonably convincing, as do the (few) zero G effects. It's competently acted and the story builds in measured manner from the initial jovial camaraderie and expectation of our intrepid crew, through some tense,… Read more
Riviera Line (PC DVD) by Rail Simulator
Riviera Line (PC DVD) by Rail Simulator
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Already having a steam account (ironically anachronistic for a 2014 train simulator!) meant installation was quick and straightforward.

The tutorials take you through the basics very well and there was an initial "wow" factor when I saw how attractive the graphics were. There is some real depth to the scenery, from the track-side bushes and weeds, to buildings and fields in the mid-distance, right up to hills and trees on the horizon. Switching camera views showed that equal care had gone into recreating the interior of the train, even down to scuffs on the floor, warning notices and spots of grime on the windows. The passengers do look slightly mannequin-like though and their… Read more