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Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot: Discover the Magic i&hellip by Poppy Palin
5.0 out of 5 stars Enchantingly wild., 1 April 2012
On first sight I recognised Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot as a lively and colourful storyteller's oracle, and indeed the accompanying book is titled Stories of the Wild Spirit. As the author emphasizes, this was never meant to be a traditional tarot deck. There is no unifying mythic theme (such as in Celtic or Norse decks), no astrological or kabalistic symbology. Those looking for an adapted version of Rider-Waite (as many modern tarot decks are) will be disappointed. While the Wild Spirit deck keeps the 78-card structure, the suits are named only by their element and a keyword, and the Major Arcana have been radically re-imagined. Though some of these cards bear echoes of traditional… Read more