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Doctor Who: The Blood Cell (12th Doctor novel) (Dr&hellip by James Goss
4.0 out of 5 stars The Prisoner, 16 Sep 2014
The governor of a prison built into an asteroid isn’t happy. He likes to consider his prisoners, none of whom will ever be released, as friends. All they have to do is obey the rules, which include answering to their number, and referring to him as “sir”. The prisoners include some of the most vicious criminals in the quadrant, so he certainly isn’t going to be impressed by his newest charge, Prisoner 428. The problem, however, is that Prisoner 428 is clearly not impressed either by him, personally, or by his incarceration in a prison on an asteroid from which escape is impossible. In fact, Prisoner 428 is going out of his way to show how little his situation means to him. Not only does he… Read more
Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror (12th Doctor novel&hellip by Mike Tucker
3.0 out of 5 stars Superior Bug-Hunt, 14 Sep 2014
Something is wrong in the quiet village of Ringstone. Foxes are being eviscerated by half-seen things, a man has been wrapped in an enormous spider’s web, and when a child tells her mother that the daddy-longlegs in her bedroom huge, she means “huge”. Where are these overgrown insects and arachnids coming from, and who is causing them? Could the nearby scientific research centre, run by a mysterious man with a mask covering half his face, possibly have something to do with it? And could the old stories of fighting giant insects be more than fantasy? It falls to the recently-regenerated twelfth Doctor and his companion Clara to investigate, and find a solution to the attacks, hopefully… Read more
Doctor Who: Silhouette (12th Doctor novel) (Dr Who&hellip by Justin Richards
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Doctor Who - Silhouette by Justin Richards

When the Tardis picks up signs of anachronistic technology, the Doctor and Clara arrive in Victorian London. It is the dead of Winter, the Thames itself has frozen, and nearby is a carnival which includes the sinister Circus of Curiosities. Beginning their investigations, they soon encounter their old friends, the "Paternoster" gang: Madame Vastra, the Great Detective, her "maid", Jenny, and Butler, Strax. The Doctor has only recently regenerated into his twelfth incarnation, and his companion Clara is still trying to get used to this new, older-seeming and often-irascible version of her old friend. When it turns out that several people… Read more