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Homeland - Season 1 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Damian Lewis
Homeland - Season 1 [DVD] DVD ~ Damian Lewis
This is truly a very good series.Especially by american standards.Script,cast,direction,plot, they are all way above par.However ,what makes it extraordinary for a "spy series" is that the focus is not on "action and violence" but on the "in depth" analysis of the "flawed"principal "heroes".All of them have their personal demons and ailments to cope with,their personal lives are "a mess",yet they perform admirably ,out of a sense of duty and dedication to the cause they serve.It is refreshing to see that individuals in "high places" place their personal careers above all else,their "contribution"to the "task on hand" is limited, and their "morality"ranges from insignificant to non… Read more
The Man with the Iron Fists [DVD] [2012] <b>DVD</b> ~ Russell Crowe
Quentin Tarantino's recent work is marked,among other disconcerting characteristics, by a profound contempt for historical reality.
This one is the first movie directed (....I use the term very loosely..)by Q.T.'s close fiend,the famous rapper RZA ! It was ,apparently made possible, by through the direct involvement of production and casting.
I shall not comment on the movie itself.It is not worth of comments.But it is sad to see Russel Crowe,overweight to the point that he can hardly move, posing himself as a murderous "knife master"(!),who is also an english colonel acting as an an emissry of the Chinese emperor !! A pitiful presence, aiming to commercial benefits… Read more
Oz the Great and Powerful [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ James Franco
Oz the Great and Powerful [DVD] DVD ~ James Franco
The development of digital special effects in cinematography marks the beginning of a new era.The era where the imagination of the producers and directors can really ran wild.They realised that they have in their possession a magnificent tool which enables them to work visual miracles.
How they use this tool is another matter altogether.
Brilliantly,as they did in Avatar or The Lord of the Rings.
Pointlessly,as in this one and so many others.
What is the one thing that makes the whole difference ?
"Elementary,my dear Watson".The script.
In the 1939 masterpiece,"The wizard of OZ",the use of characters was truly inspired as well as inspiring.Dorothy was ,by no… Read more