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Factory Girl [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Sienna Miller
Factory Girl [DVD] DVD ~ Sienna Miller
Guy Pearce I love you - sienna miller on the strength of this could be the most underated actress I have never dated - ok forget me she is outstanding. Amazingly sad story. Captures the period superbly. Edie Sedgwick deserves to have some recognition for a life lead incredibly fast and tragically short. Andy Warhol well so much has beef said about him - mainly by him but Guy Pearce is better than the real thing - fascinating portrale the Guy is a genius! The Guy I'm copyrighting as the title of his newsletter and/or his fan club name! So might not be up your street but as a snap shot of pop art culture and 60/70s culture reference it's well done -,don't know how we'll it did but unless it… Read more