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I am a senior information developer. I have started studying aikido for the second time this century. I have also worked as a SQL Server DBA for almost 10 years. I have also been a SQL Server technical author for several books. I play golf when I have the chance.

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Aikido, Iron Balls and Elbow Power: The Teachings &hellip by Nick Waites
There are instructional books on aikido that are a mixture of text and photos to help describe the movements for each step of a particular technique. There are books on aikido that describe the writer's personal journey while practicing the art. This book is a mixture of both. The book uses fictional characters to better express the many subtle points of aikido. You follow the character through his practice and his discussions with his instructor. The book discusses the etiquette, how you work with your classmates, and how to improve your technique, but it is not the step-by-step approach. You can read the book in a linear format, or you can choose a chapter.

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