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Top Reviewer Ranking: 21 - Total Helpful Votes: 9221 of 9804
Expower(R) Solar Panel waterproof shockproof Charg&hellip by EXpower
4.0 out of 5 stars Green charging, 27 July 2014
A rather nice solar charger in an eye-catching shade of green that means it is unlikely to get lost at the bottom of your rucksack, if offers the potential that you can recharge itís reserves whilst you are out and aboutÖ as well as your other gadgets. Just make sure you leave sufficient time before packing to give it a full charge from the mains before you set off.

Itís made from plastic with rubber trims on both ends that add to the impression that this is something thatíll survive a few knocks and bumps whilst you are trekking about. Two sealable flaps on the sides reveal two USB and one micro USB port.

Whilst you can charge from the mains via the micro USB (and… Read more
MeasuPro TF5000 Instant Read Waterproof IPX7 Therm&hellip by MeasuPro
5.0 out of 5 stars Jammy, 27 July 2014
A robustly constructed kitchen thermometer, the probeís inventive cover doubles up as an extension to the handle to make balancing in a pan just that little bit easier as well as minimising the amount of drawer space itíll use. Itís made of plastic of the sort that looks up to the job of repelling any spills without staining and the display is large and easy to read.

Temperature readings are consistent with those I obtained on a different device and in the usual pan of boiling water and appear accurate; in this case the temperature is displayed in increments of only 0.1 degree, which is accurate enough for any cooking I undertake. A simple press of a button changes the reading… Read more
Goo.ey for Apple iPhone 5/5s (Aqua) - Skin by Goo.ey
3.0 out of 5 stars Sticky stuff for phones, 27 July 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The goo.ey skin provides a bit of protection for the rear of your phone (not the corners or edges), as well as adding a welcome splash of colour and a pleasantly soft surface. Adhesion to the phone proved to be resilient to the knocks youíd expect from day to day use and being placed into pockets or bags and it is supposedly thin enough that the phone can still be placed into another case for added protection (that will depend on how snugly fitting your existing case is as the pairing of phone and skin wouldnít go back in my case). I found that the skin did also stick to my existing case, although the desirability of this will depend on individual taste and your colour scheme… Read more