Locker Customer Feedback Survey

We would appreciate your feedback on your experience with Amazon Locker over the past three months. Please take a few minutes to respond to our survey.
I have never used Amazon Locker
1 to 2 times
3 to 5 times
6 to 10 times
More than 10 times
I wanted to try Amazon Locker
I was unavailable for delivery at home
I did not want my package left on my doorstep
I cannot receive deliveries at work / school
The locker is on my way to work / school
The locker is close to where I live
High street shops
Bus, train or tube stations
Petrol stations
Car parks
Park and Ride locations
Shopping centres
Office buildings
Gyms, health & fitness clubs
University campuses
Up to 1 mile
Up to 3 miles
Up to 5 miles
Up to 10 miles
More than 10 miles
Return products to Amazon
Same day delivery service
Rent a Locker for personal deliveries
Pay for orders at the time of pick-up
Purchase products directly on Locker
Receive orders without boxes/packaging
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